Monday, May 26, 2008

Start of The Da3wa

How did the Prophet start the da3wa (introduce people to Islam)?

He did not start with knocking down the idols around the Ka3ba. These, he knew, were going to be knocked down eventually after establishing Islam.
He did not start by declaring the message off a mountain. No one would have listened.

His plan was to choose among every family in Quraysh those who were successful in their practical life (committed people but not necessarily rich or descendants of great families) and known for their moral conduct.
His plan was to form a nucleus of distinguished people who would be committed to the message and who would support him.

One of these people was Abu-Bakr, a 38 years-old successful trader, who was cherished by Quraysh and was an expert in the genealogies of the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula.

Another person was Khadijah, not because she was his wife, but because she was distinguished.

The third person was Ali Ibn Abu-Taleb, the Prophet’s first cousin who was 10 years-old. He was living in Mohammed’s house at that time and asked the Prophet about this religion when he saw him praying, then asked for a chance to think it over before he embraced Islam. Even better, the following day, when the Prophet asked him what his decision was, Ali answered, “Repeat what you said yesterday.” Having thought it over, he embraced Islam and uttered Al-Shahada (declaration of faith).

Two days later, Abu-Taleb (the Prophet’s uncle) saw Ali praying and asked him about it. Ali answered, “I followed Mohammed and committed myself to the true way. This is the true way.” Abu-Taleb said, “Stay as you are. Mohammed would never command you except with what is right.”

Islam started with Mohammed, one man, one woman, and a child. Four people were the nucleus of all this success.