Sunday, June 29, 2008

Year 4 to Year 6 of Islam

Prophet Mohammed PBUH is now 43 years old and is known for his extreme honesty and trustworthiness.

Quraysh decided that whenever anyone would spot Muhammad they would say "mad man" aloud and run away. Such rumor spread to the extent that travelers coming from Yemen far away were warned to beware of the crazy Quraysh "lad". Do you feel like you want to stand up and defend him? You can follow his Sunnah (tradition) and do some good in this world without violence and just by working hard.

Om-Jameel, Abu-Lahab's wife used to gather garbage and thorns and put them on the doorstep of the prophet's house. She was relentless. She kept on provoking Quraysh and instigating disruptions.

Allah mentioned her in the Holy Quran "And his wife, the constant bearer of firewood, Upon her (long) neck she will have a rope of palm-fibers." (TMQ, 111:4-5).

She did not actually carry firewood, but the Quran uses this metaphor as if she was lighting the fire of disruption in Quraysh. She heard about Quran verses talking about her and went to the prophet PBUH to throw him with stones. However, Allah (SWT) allowed such suffering but only to a limit. He blinded Om-Jameel from seeing the Prophet PBUH when she asked Abu-Bakr about him though he was just in front of her. She ridiculed his name in a made-up poem about how they were going to defy his religion.

Quraysh disbelievers liked Om-Jameel's poem and sang it and spread it allover Makkah. The companions flamed with anger but the Prophet PBUH calmed them down. They knew him for a patient man so they got afraid and stopped what they did. Allah (SWT) says what can be translated as, " Surely the ones who are (guilty of) crimes used to laugh at the ones who believed, And when they passed by them (they used) to wink one to another. And when they turned over (to their families), they turned over jesting, And when they saw them, they said, “Surely these (people) are indeed erring.” And in no way were they sent preservers over them. So Today the ones who believed are laughing at the steadfast disbelievers, On couches, looking (down upon them). Have the steadfast disbelievers been requited for what they were performing? "(TMQ, 83:29-36).

This came as a strong support to raise the spirits of the prophet PBUH and his companions. "And indeed We already know that, for you, your breast straitens by what they say. So extol with the praise of your Lord and be of the prostrating. "(TMQ, 15:97-98). In another ayah, Allah (SWT) says what can be translated as, "In no way is anything said to you except what already was said to the Messengers before you.

Surely your Lord is indeed The Owner of forgiveness and The Owner of painful punishment..."(TMQ, 41: 43). Companions and believers increased in number. "You have been the most charitable nation brought out to mankind: you command beneficence, and forbid maleficence, and believe in Allah ..."(TMQ, 3: 110).

Quraysh even tried to hurt his family. Al-'Asi Ibn-Wael, the father of Amr Ibnul-Aas spread a saying that Mohammed PBUH was incapable of having boys, a shameful matter back then, his two boys being dead. Thus, they can get rid of him after his death as he has no one to carry his legacy. This hurt Khadijah. She was 55 years old and too old to bear more children.

To relieve them from their pains Allah (SWT) revealed these ayahs which could be translated as, "Surely We have given you the Abundance; So pray to your Lord and slaughter (the sacrifice). Surely your antagonist is he who is without offspring (Literally: curtailed). "(TMQ, 108: 1-3).

Also, "Have We not expanded your breast for you, And laid aside from you your encumbrance. Which weighed down your back, And did We not raise for you your remembrance? So surely with difficulty comes ease, Surely with difficulty comes ease. So when you are at leisure, (i.e., not o) then labor, And to your Lord then be desirous (i.e., of His Grace)."(TMQ, 94: 1-8).

After the companions exceeded 200 in number Quraysh tried to hurt the prophet's family even more. Abu-Lahab divorced his two sons from the prophet's two daughters. One of the girls later on married Othman Ibn-Affan, one of the prophet's companion and the other one, Om-Kulthoum, didn't get married until she went to Madinah as all the companions were younger than her. Khadijah (RA) however, did not mind this as most mothers are expected to do. She supported her husband even more.

The persistence of Mohammed PBUH bothered Abu-Jahl to the extent that he asked him
to leave him alone as he will not listen to him anyway. " We already know that surely it indeed grieves you (the things) they say. Yet surely they do not cry lies to you, but the unjust (people) repudiate the signs of Allah. "(TMQ, 6:33).

A friend of Abu-Jahl accused Mohammed in front of him that he is a liar, but away from him he later said that he knew that Mohammed was saying the truth but he was only doing this because his family used to be competitors to Abdul-Muttalib’s family. He was driven by greed and selfishness.

As to physical hurt, Okba Ibn-Abu-Ma'eet took off his gown, wrapped it in a rope-like shape and put it around the neck of our beloved prophet PBUH while praying in front of the Ka3ba until he fell from suffocation. Not only this, Okba further went and slaughtered a camel, took out its guts and put it on the prophet's back while he was prostrating in prayer. The prophet remained still until his daughter came. She cleaned him while crying from the sight itself but her father told her not to cry, as Allah (SWT) shall support her father.

In heaven, the prophet shall hold his hand for you to drink from, but the angels will come and take the weak believers away.

Another disbeliever hid in the desert of Makkah and filled his handful with sand and threw it in our beloved's face. He went home with his clothes full of sand and dust and his little girl Fatima (RA) saw this and tried to rub the dust away crying. He soothed her and told her not to cry because Allah (SWT) shall support him.
Allah (SWT) says what can be translated as, "And in no way is Muhammad (anything) except a Messenger; the Messengers have already passed away before him. Then, will it be that, in case he dies or is killed, will you turn (Literally: turn (s) over on) on your heels? ..."(TMQ, 3:144).

Do you know why Okba Ibn-Abu-Ma'eet defied prophet Muhammad PBUH? He was a close friend to Abu-Jahl and started to listen to Muhammad PBUH and to believe in what he was saying. He was about to embrace Islam. At that time, Abu-Jahl was away on a trip and when he returned back, he threatened Okba that he shall not look at him nor talk to him again until he would go to spit on the prophet’s PBUH face. Okba chose his friend and spitted on the face of our beloved PBUH.

" And the Day that the unjust (person) will bite at both his hands, (and) say, “Oh, would that I had taken to myself a way along with the Messenger. Oh, woe to me! Would that I had not taken so-and-so to myself for a (close) fellow. Indeed he readily made me err away from the Remembrance after it had come to me.”" (TMQ, 25:27-29).

The Prophet was not only supportive of Islam, but of all forms of justice. Once a man came to Makkah claiming that Abu-Jahl owed him money. To have a good laugh, some disbelievers advised him to go to MOhammEd and ask for his help. Despite the conflict with Abu-Jahl, the Prophet took the man to Abu-Jahl and told Abu-Jahl to pay the due money. In effect, Abu-Jahl paid the due money.