Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Protection from Bani Hashim

In the next phase, he got the protection of Bani Hashim tribe with the consent of his uncle Abu-Taleb and proceeded with the missionary activity to spread Islam publicly from on top of Al Safa Mountain. He moved on smoothly from one phase to another. His companions never questioned his plans. Our Prophet PBUH always took the initiative and waited for Quraysh's reaction. He was aware that Quraysh would strongly challenge him. He planned everything without waiting for supernatural miracles. Jebreel AS only provided Mohammed with methodology and support. Great miracles were still to come.

Quraysh moved in steps. First, they tried to distort the prophet's da3wa. Next came ridicule and humiliation to shake his spirit followed with moral harm, hurting his family members and causing physical harm for him and the companions. They even tried to kill them and actually killed some of them. All of this was for the sake of Muslims and Islam.