Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prophet Mohammed's Birth Year & Full Name

Prophet Mohammed was born on 12 Rabee3 Al Awal in corresponding to the 20th of April 570 AD, 50 days before the year of the elephant in Mekkah. He was named “Mohammed” by his grandfather Abdul Mutalib.

Mohammed wasn’t a common name and so people asked Abdul Mutalib why he didn’t name his grandson after his ancestors and he answered” I wanted him to be thanked on earth by the dwellers of the earth, and in the heavens by the dwellers of the heavens”.

Prophet Mohammed’s full name is:
Mohammed Ibn Abdullah, Ibn Abdul Mutalib, Ibn Hashem, Ibn Abd Zanat, Ibn Abd Kusay, Ibn Kilab, Ibn Murra, Ibn Kaab, Ibn Louay, Ibn Ghaleb, Ibn Fihr; Fihr was the father of Quraysh and Fihr was a descendent of Ismail (Ishmael), whose father was Ibrahim (Abraham).

The Prophet’s great grandfather Kusay was the one who united + lead Quraysh and built Dar An-Nadwa.

The Prophet’s great grandfather Hashem was the one who made trade agreements with Arabian tribes + Persion + Romans by negotiating sending the trading caravans of Quraysh i.e. boosting the wealth of Quraysh.

The prophet’s immediate grandfather, Abdul Mutalib was the one responsible for digging the well of Zamzam to offer water to the Arabs. In addition he was the one to stop Abraha when he came to conquer Makkah... Abraha stole people's assets and that led to the famous dialogue between Abraha and Abdul Mutalib..

Abdul Mutalib went to reclaim his camels from Abraha and Abraha laughed and said, “I thought you were coming to negotiate about the Ka3ba that I intend to destroy.”

Abdul Muttalib replied, “The camels are mine, but the Ka3ba has its Lord and He will protect it.”

Abdul Mutalib was right, God protected the Ka3ba by sending birds from the sky that destroyed Abraha's army.

The Prophet’s father Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mutalib died 2-3 months after his marriage to Aminah bint Wahab the Prophet’s mother. He was on a trading trip to Al Sham (Syria) and on his way back to Mekkah he stopped in Al Madeenah to visit his uncles. He spent a few days in Al Madeenah and suddenly became very sick and died.

Prophet Mohammed was born an orphan and a descendant of Prophets & Leaders. He had a noble blood line and high leadership status in Quraysh. His family was well respected and controlled the winter and summer trades.

The birth of Prophet Mohammed was a normal birth and the miracle about it is that it was exactly 50 days before the year of the elephant after Abraha’s defeat when he tried to destroy the Ka3ba.